Brutus Big Clinker 750mm Manual Tile Cutter

Brutus Big Clinker 750mm Manual Tile Cutter

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The Vitrex BRUTUS750 Clinker XL Tile Cutter is a professional heavy-duty tile cutter, designed for smooth, high precision cutting of larger format tiles. The tile cutter has a cutting head carriage with ball bearings for greater accuracy and easier use. The high precision cutting head has a replaceable tungsten carbide wheel.

The BRUTUS750 has table extensions, which are ideal for supporting larger format tiles. In addition, it has a large, graduated swivelling cutting guide and shock absorbing trays. For easy transport, it has wheels and a carrying handle and for comfort it has a co-moulded handle.

2 year guarantee.

Maximum Straight Cut: 750mm.
Max Diagonal Cut: 530mm.
Max Thickness: 20mm.